Jumping Ducks Workshops

All ESO students at Institut La Segarra had the chance to participate in a singing workshop along with some professional singers from Oh Happy Day! who also taught them a choreography.
On the 8th of February it was the 3rd and 4th of ESO groups who sang the song Treasure by Bruno Mars. Students talked with Laura and Iris, the workshop facilitators, who told them about their experiences in Oh Happy Day!, Tu Cara Me Suena and Operación Triunfo.
On the 14th of February session it was the time for 1st and 2nd of ESO students. The conductors of that session were Laura and Fran. 1st of ESO together with some 2nd of ESO students prepared the song Can’t Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake with their music and English teachers. Most of 2n of ESO students prepared Geronimo by Sheppard.
The songs had been previously prepared in the English class which was the language used thought all workshops. All sessions started with a warming up of body and voice with simple and fun exercises. Then we revised the lyrics of songs first by singing a capella to revise the diction and then with the music. Finally, we were taught a choreography. We learnt that singing and dancing was not so easy as it may seem but everybody made their best.
It was a thrilling experience!!!